Overhead Door Company of Waterloo™, Inc.

This edition of "Behind the Ribbon" was sent to us by Sara Moore of The Overhead Door Company of Waterloo, Inc.™

More than sixty years ago, in March of 1957, Elmo R. Moore established the Overhead Door

Co. of Waterloo, Inc. His fledgling business’s office was located at 311 Mullan Avenue, in the

basement of the Home Coal Company which was owned by his father A.R. Moore. Elmo started his enterprise with just one employee. During the next ten years, the company steadily added staff and customers, until it outgrew its first facility. Elmo then moved his business to 324 W. 15th Street in 1967, where it remained until 1985. That year the Overhead Door Company, with 10 employees, moved to its present location, 800 Commercial Street. The business has grown to include 15 employees and thousands of customers across Northeast Iowa.

In addition to moving his company in 1985, Elmo also retired and turned over the ownership of the business to his son Patrick R. Moore, who had worked at the company in various capacities since his childhood and who is still its owner, although he, too, is now retired. Patrick’s son Mason P. Moore was named president of the company in 2000 upon his graduation from the University of Northern Iowa, and he is now the president.

In 2017, Mason with the help of his wife, Sara, and their 3 children picked a perfect location in West Union to expand the business. In 2018 the doors opened and the Overhead Door Co. of Northeast Iowa™ is in business.