Overhead Door Company of Portland™

This edition of "Behind the Ribbon" was sent to us by Jim Stumpf, CEO of The Overhead Door Company of Portland™. Jim sent us an article that was written in the "Who's Who in Building and Construction: Oregon and S.W. Washington" magazine.

Jim says, "The story highlights the continuity between father and son…plus daughter in our business in Portland. Many of the Overhead Door Corporate officers and staff don’t know much about our Distributorship, that we were one of 7 corporately owned and operated facilities when Overhead Door™ started in 1921. The corporation opened a Portland, Oregon sales outlet in 1929 and operated from what I understand as a corporately owned entity until the earlier 60’s when the distributorship was offered to two Overhead Door™ managers. They accepted and operated the Portland Distributorship until they decided to retire in early 1980. Myself and my former business partner took over the Portland Distributorship in June of 1980. My background originated from manufacturing of garage doors which gave me the opportunity and my start in the garage door industry after my service time in 1968.

The Bluebook article provides perspective and insight about who we are and what we are about. Most importantly it tells the story of our character, history and future with the “Best Brand” of garage door products in our industry."