Overhead Door Company of Sacramento™ (Since 1953)

This first edition of "Behind the Ribbon" was sent to us from Melonie San Filippo. Please enjoy the story and come back for more stories later one.

Today, December 9,2020 we have a young man installing his first garage door under the guidance of a 20 plus year veteran. The young man's name is Logan San Filippo and he is the fourth generation to the Overhead Door Company of Sacramento. His trainer, Jack Turnbough is a legend in the world of installers. He worked for both Neil Rogers and David Leesha. These two men are Logan's great grandfather, and grandfather.

Our company sells garage doors, but our foundation has always been family. Family owned and family operated.

The Overhead Door Company of Sacramento started back in 1953. In 1955 it became an Overhead Door distributor. J.D Allen was the owner at that time. In 1960 Neil Rogers went to work for him. Neil and Doris Rogers would later purchase the Overhead Door Company of Sacramento in 1977. They are the first generation of our family in the door business.

In 1978 David Leesha came aboard. David is married to Neil and Doris' daughter Cathy. Together Neil, David and thier team dominated the residential new construction garage door industry in the Greater Sacramento area. Neil was named man of the industry. They won several awards, and laid a foundation for being a reputable, honest garage door company that customers trust.

Neil and Dave both have served on the ribbon council. Dave is a current member of the council. Dave has continued to build on the legacy of the Overhead Door Company of Sacramento. Together with our team our commercial sales have expanded drastically, residential retrofits are increasing and we are continuing to grow.

Neil's nephew, Jack Allen retired as a lead in commercial service. His son Anthony Allen joined the team in 1996. Anthony has done a little bit of everything at Overhead Door. Today he is the head of our commercial department. Anthony has grown up here, and he has been quoted saying, "we bleed the ribbon."

In 1997 Dave and Cathy's son in law Shawn San Filippo joined the team. Shawn is part of the third generation and a veteran of the United States Navy. Shawn started out as an installer, moved to customer service, commercial sales and has been running operations for the past 16 years.

In 2001 Sits Sayamnath went to work for Neil. He was pretty fresh out of school. He has continued to grow his position under Dave, and is a vital part of our team. We have watched Sits grow into a man with a beautiful wife and a family of his own.

In 2004 Doris and Neil retired. Dave and Cathy bought the business. At that time Zach Maciel came on as a residential salesman. It was not long after, that Zach's brother Adam would join the crew as well. The Maciel brothers play a big role in Overhead door Company of Sacramento's success.

Along comes the internet. Social media starts to creep into everyone's lives. Competitors are playing off of our name like never before. That's where I come in. In 2016 I officially was a member of our payroll. My name is Melonie. I like to say I was born into the business. My pop is Neil, my dad is Dave, and my husband is Shawn.

My sister and I (Mandy) grew up here. That red ribbon was a huge sense of pride, and family. We played make believe office at the office. We hoarded Overhead door pens, and literature so we could play pretend business. We loved telling kids when my dad drove down the street in his red, yellow, and orange striped El Camino that we were Overhead Door. We both developed a work ethic by coming to Overhead Door on Saturdays when we were broke.

We would be washing trucks, sweeping warehouses, and sorting nuts and bolts. We did recycle runs with my dad where we learned the value of a dollar. We also grew up playing sports and most of our jerseys had the red ribbon logo. Overhead Door always sponsored our teams. My science project in school was titled "Magic" it was based on garage door openers. It didn't win, or even place but it was a popular station for button pressing.

We were blessed to travel because of Overhead Door conventions. We went to locations that other kids had never heard of. We watched my grandfather and my father be called on stage time and time again to be honored throughout the years. It taught us about striving to be the best. To treat people well. To honor your word. We looked up to them. We still look up to them.

If you see us on social media you will often see Stella and Sierra. They are Mandy and her husband Brandon's girls. They are part of the fourth generation. When they come here, they can get these guys to do anything. Our crew loves when the social media team is on site. Mason is also part of the fourth generation. He attends UCSB but on breaks has been known to be answering phones, helping with marketing, and cleaning out different parts of our location. Like Mandy and myself these kids have all grown up here.

Today I am little nervous. That young man installing his first garage door is mine and Shawn's son. I am rooting for him to do well. To continue the legacy of quality work, great customer service, and to be an honest voice to our customers. Shawn tells him,

"When you are here you represent more than yourself. You work for that red ribbon on your shirt. It's bigger than any of us, and it incorporates all of us"

Our office staff has more than 130 years combined experience in this office. Cole Mazzanti joined our team in 2019. He is the son of Rick and Betsy Mazzanti. Rick is lifelong corporate employee. We are excited to have him with us. Our team is incredible. We owe much of our success to their dedication and loyalty. Big changes are coming in 2021. Overhead door is 100 years old. The Overhead Door Company of Sacramento's theme for 2021 is this. Celebrate the past. Create the future. 100 years strong. Neil, Doris, David and Cathy have laid an incredible foundation of business, and family.

Shawn and I can only hope that one day our grandkids will be washing trucks, playing office and learning the same work ethic, and values that we all have learned by being part of this team and this family. We are humbled and grateful to be a part of both.

We sell garage doors, but we are rooted in family. Four generations strong!