Overhead Door Company of Terre Haute™

This edition of "Behind the Ribbon" was sent to us by Brian Stolt of The Overhead Door Company of Terre Haute™.

Overhead Door Company of Terre Haute™ was founded in 1929 as part of the W.J. Giffel Company, a planing mill and general contractor. W.J. Giffel and his sons, Marv and Richard, owned the business until 1977. Two of their employees, John Wiggins and DuWayne Ramsey bought the company and co-owned the business until July 1996 when they sold to Jim Stolt. John retired when Jim started, but DuWayne stayed until August 1998 to help with the transition. In June of 1998 Brian, Jim's son, officially started. Jim and his son Brian own the business today. In July 2018 after 22 years, Jim retired and Brian and his team are now running the business at the same location it started in 1929.

We have some pretty amazing history stuff around here. Accounting log books from the early 1900's, original invoices as early as 1929. Lots of brochures and price books, even a Viewmaster with wheels of Overhead Door products. Seven or eight years ago I did quite a bit of research and scanning and put together a history of Overhead Door Company of Terre Haute™ book on Shutterfly or one of those services.