Overhead Door Company of Dubuque™

This edition of "Behind the Ribbon" was sent to us by Ashley Weber, Office Manager for Cedar Cross Overhead Door™.

In the early 1980’s, Dubuque, IA was on the verge of a city shutting down. The phrase “last one to leave, turn out the lights” was a common one at the time- the packing plant, which employed many of the residents of our city, had shut its doors and the city was experiencing double digit unemployment numbers. Jobs were hard to come by and people were rapidly moving out of the city. The Pregler family was one of the many households affected by the shutdown. Dan, as the bread winner of the family and main provider for their 7 children, had just lost his job and decided he wasn’t going to let anyone else decide his future. With the support of his wife, they came up with a plan.

Choosing to create an opportunity to be his own boss, Dan & Elaine purchased a small local garage door company that was failing at the time. The company had two employees and a small storefront. Fast forward 38 years, the company has grown to include the next two generations, and a staff of 19 employees. He has often said if ‘he didn’t know how much he didn’t know’, he would have never chosen to get into business, but we’re so glad and grateful he took the risk. Dan and Elaine Pregler have flourished in the garage door industry, and both are now retired. Their sons, Chip and Jack, now have ownership of the company and continue to serve the Dubuque community and the surrounding areas.

The business still employs the two original installers that were with them in 1982, and now includes a granddaughter, grandson-in-law and grandson in the business. The company has become a staple in the community and serves thousands of loyal customers, many of whom are in their own second and third generations of doing business with Overhead Door Company of Dubuque. Dan Pregler served on the Ribbon Council for many years, and always had a strong loyalty for the Red Ribbon.

The garage door industry has changed dramatically since Overhead Door of Dubuque was started, but he basics of customer service has stayed the same. We believe that honest and fair pricing, hard work, a positive attitude and actual customer service will help us maintain customer relationships for years to come- and we look forward to continuing to serve the Tri-State area. We continue to promote the products manufactured by Overhead Door and strive for many more years of continued success.